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ACT scores from Oct 25 testing date are up


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I couldn't be more thrilled! Now we just have to wait for the writing score. DS doesn't think he did well because he didn't get his essay finished. 


Congrats to your son!  DD14 took the 10/25 exam as well because she wanted to do it before she got into season with her sport.  She did very well so perhaps she is getting better at testing or maybe DH's special breakfast before the exam was more beneficial than he realized.  I think most of the schools she is considering will probably want her to also take the SAT and SAT IIs but at least she has a strong score recorded and I hope that will give her confidence.  

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My daughter's essay score was reported today (from the 10/25 test), so your son should get his soon. 


Please don't burst my bubble and tell me it counts for nothing: she got an 11 on it!  :lol:


Congrats to your daughter, that is awesome! Each college is different as far as what they count, so don't fret! 


ETA: His writing score isn't up yet. 

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