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Memorizing to Music--free online resources--Can someone help?

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I love learning song mnemonics. I learned the functions of the cranial nerves this way, so it definitely helps adults as well :)


What are you wanting to memorize?


I usually just search for " song" and see what comes up. I try to preview the results on my own first to check what is likely to be appropriate and helpful for the kids. Lately we've found some good ones for beginner music theory, but there's just about anything you want.

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I can't tell what age you are looking for.


Classical Conversations has a timeline set to music for history.

There are a lot of products that do geography to music or skip counting to music.


We like off-beat stuff like history teacher's songs (french revolution - graphic content warning), science stuff (Mr. Parr is our current favorite - 5 yr old sings his "Rock cycle" song whenever "Life is a Highway" comes on the radio), and quite a bit of They Might Be Giants stuff (science mostly).

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I don't know of any free ones but we use Classical Conversations CDs, they have a timeline song, history songs, multiplication songs, and some for Latin. They are religious though...


I also like Kathy Troxels, she has a large selection of subjects.


I bought Lyrical Life Sciences this year but the kids and I don't like it, it's not actually good for memory work. The songs aren't very easy to remember.


There's another one I can't remember now, I'll have to go look it up...

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