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My stupid question of the day


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SOTW 1 gives you "narration exercise" and then gives you a few sentences (we are on chapter 2).   What am I suppose to do with that?


While yes, English is not my native language, I do know what the word "narration" means and I do know what the word "exercise" means.  But in this context, I have no clue what to do....



Hmmm....may be I shouldn't be homeschooling after all.......

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English is also not our native language.


I use one of the narration sentences and made a copywork page out of it. I got the English narration sentence on top, space where they can copy it and then the same sentence in our language and space to copy it.


This works well for us.


I however just ask some questions of what happened etc.

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The reason they're included is to clarify what the main ideas are.  If your child is including other things from reading in the narration you probably need to spend time teaching your child the difference between main ideas and less important details. Some kids are naturally good at that and some kids need someone to explain and model it for them. 

The example questions in the SOTW Activity Guide are a more parts to whole approach to narrations.  In that case, you ask the questions of the child and the child answers them.  The answers are what makes up the narration.  There's also a more whole to parts approach where you read the chapter to the child and then say, "Tell me what you remember about it." In this approach you don't ask those questions or you can ask those questions only if your child is completely stuck or struggling with the idea of main ideas vs. details. Both forms of narrations are very useful.  Some parents prefer one over the other.  Other parents alternate between them.

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