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There are loads of videos onn youtube that ties in with the topics. Also check out Pinterest some great resources.


On my blog is a few things we have done. (not much as we moved twice this year so it was hectic for us). There is also a blogroll for SOTW where you can check out what others have done. The link is on the right on my blog at the bottom (are not at my computer now)

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Do you have a decent local library? Because Classical House of Learning http://www.classicalhouseoflearning.com/ has some nice books to use as read alongs with SOTW. It was created by a hive member. She even has some copywork etc. She has  nice schedule to match up SOTW along with the books. I have had no problem finding almost all of the book she suggests in my local library.


If you google SOTW 1 activites or cooking or drawing or SOTW 1 projects etc etc you will get many hits and ideas of what people have done.


One project we did that isn't in the activity guide is "Fruity Pharaohs" which some friends of mine told me they did in grammar school, so it has been around a while.


Here is one link describing it



But if you google fruity pharaohs I am sure you can find more.


I am not a lapbook person (I don't get them) but if you google SOTW 1 lapbook you will get a lot of hits.

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Pinterest for activities and printables (I've repinned some on my first grade board), and also Googling for "blackline map ________________" (name of the place) for maps.


You can find free timeline pictures if you want a wall timeline.


For books, I go into my library's online catalog and search for whatever I want (like Ancient Egypt) and then sort to see only children's books, and reserve them.

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