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Lively Art of Writing and Lost Tools of Writing differences??

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I have a 9th grader who stared homeschooling this year. While in school, writing was not a priority, at all! Luckily, she's a decent writer and doesn't stress when I ask her to write something, however, she definetly needs instruction in writing. I have looked into LAoW and LToW and they both have gotten great reviews. I'm just wondering what exactly are the differences are in them? From what I'm understanding LToW is geared more towards persuasive essays, correct? What about LAoW, does it focus on a specific type?

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ds13 just finished LAoW at the end of 8th grade.  It was 'the' best little writing book we've used, bar none.  Next Fall we plan to use LToW.  


While we thoroughly enjoyed LAoW as an excellent supplemental and highly recommend it, I wouldn't consider it a complete, standalone writing program.  Though, I guess one could add to it to lengthen it.  It took ds13 a little over two months to complete all the writing assignments toward the end of 8th grade.  He had finished WWSII a bit early.  So it was the perfect thing to use to finish out the year on a great note.


LToW, by contrast, is a full writing curriculum which can be used over multiple years with varying levels including different areas of focus.

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