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Has anyone seen Stardust? It says it's pg-13...

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My girls loved it. I'm quite open to what my girls see so I often have a hard time seeing what others may fine objectionable, but I will give it a try.


Some sexual innuendos

Some violence (but pretty comic bookish) and images of witches be old or folks dead... again in a silly way.


I think that's it.

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Yes, I have seen it along with my 9 yr ds. I thought that overall it was a good movie. It was intense in a few scenes. I did have ds close his eyes a couple of times. He loved it. I thought it was entertaining and fun. The pg-13 movies that we have let him see are the ones from Harry Potter (he has seen all Pg and PG13 of that series) and he has seen Lord of the Rings (not sure which ones -- he watched it with DH). He is also watching the Star Wars one with DH which is rated PG13. SO that might give you an idea of the kinds of movies he has seen that are similar in intensity and content.


Personally, I loved the movie and will buy it to have at home. I will not let my 6 yr ds see it yet. Too much for him now.

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