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I'm considering this for dd7.  She loves doing school and I was really wanting to use FIAR with her but I just do not have the time to plan.  I thought MBtP might be the next best thing?  How easy is it to implement?  The other thing I'm having trouble deciding on is placement.  She is still learning to read so that would place her in the 5-7 age group however I think all the other subjects look like they may be too easy for her.

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Here is my blog review on MBTP: http://www.onlypassionatecuriosity.com/moving-beyond-the-page-schoolhouse-crew-review/


It is very easy to use, very open and go. As for placement, my kiddo who is still learning to read has done very well with 5-7, I actually had to hold off until he was 6 to start using it, but that's mostly because he was hesitant to write. I think 5-7 is a really FUN level, if you were unsure, you could always start with the third unit, and maybe move her up to 6-8 sooner that way. (I say third because the first is the easiest- but it's fun. The second I found a little dull. 3 and 4 are really good though!)



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We are attempting to use MBTP this year.  I love the book choices and the idea that it is hands on and open and go.  After using it for 8 weeks, I don't love the implementation.  Lots of the hands on projects are just more writing assignments in the LA units, and I find the sequence of grammar and writing scattered/not flowing well.  For us, the writing output is more/above grade level expectations, and most other things (comprehension, etc.) is below.  The writing level and reading level are not well matched, IMHO.  Writing is my son's weakest area, but he can write complete sentences in correct form, and pull together a coherent paragraph with help.  His writing level being different than his reading level (strong), may be coloring our experience with the program.


Many of the hands on projects are more in the line of crafts than lab style projects, which doesn't appeal to my DS.  For example, he doesn't want to make a snowman out of a water bottle because there was a snowstorm in Sarah Plain & Tall, and I'm not forcing it, since that craft adds nothing to the educational value of the lesson.  


I absolutely love the premise, and we have enjoyed all the book choices.  At the very least, it was a very expensive book list for me!  I purchased all of 7-9 and 8-10, so trying to salvage what I can of it, but dread dragging it out.  I might just use the assigned books, since I have them all already, pull a few worksheets and comprehension questions from the LA, and do something different for writing.  That's my honest, candid feedback.  YMMV.  

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