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Reading cursive


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Both DS 9 and 12 learned cursive a while back and did it for about a year. Just recently DS 9 said he couldn't make out the cursive comments his teacher wrote on his last assignment. He's in public school gifted LA this year and the rest of the classes at home. I let the cursive slip since he was just much faster at print and now likes to pretty much type most of his stuff. However I would like him to be able to read cursive (maybe even the fast notes adults write). I myself print and occasionally slip in cursive in writing fast memos, but not much.


Any quick easy resource/strategy to keep kids aware of how to read cursive.



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You can change the default font on a computer from Times New Roman or Arial to a cursive font like Lucinda Handwriting or whatever other one you want to use.  This would mean that your son would type in cursive and then change the font back to whatever the teacher required.  You could also copy text from elsewhere and then change the font back and forth for him to practice.

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1. Download a cursive font like Learning Curve and install it on your computer.

2. Take a public domain children's book like The Jungle Book or The Railway Children - something your sons have read before.

3. Copy the text into a word processor like Microsoft Word, change the font to Learning Curve and save the file.

4. Have them read a page every day.

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I have been working on a PDF for this.  I am just having a difficult time getting some mom's to contribute some of their own copywork, but that is the best way with a variety of writing styles too.   :)  Keep writing it and reading it.


Is there a way for WTM board members to contribute samples of their handwriting?

Even tho I am not a mom, I would love to help out.


Here is a link to a thread about handwriting that I responded to, where  you can learn a little more about me: How can I improve my own handwriting? post #4.

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