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Homeschooling with Heart of Dakota our Week

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I enjoyed reading your blog! We loved most of HOD when we did the Bigger Hearts and Preparing guides. We might go back to HOD some day. I wish I could get only the history, Bible, maybe science and poetry parts of the guide. We don't use her suggestions for math, English, etc. I know that we can use whatever parts we want; just saying. I have NO problem skipping boxes, but dd does. But I'm sure we could deal with that.


If I decide to go back next year, dd would probably use Res to Ref for 6th grade.



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Thank you ladies  :001_smile:


Not all my kiddos are using the recommendations for LA and Math. I have some kids using TT, Math Essentials, MUS, and Bridgeway. For LA some are using R&S but others are using English Lessons Through Literature. Everything else is HOD though. 


Res. to Ref. is a great one. My dd used it her 7th grade year and really enjoyed it. When I packed all her books away that year I was just amazed at the program and sad to see them go. Thankfully Ethan and Lance will use it. :hurray:


I'm off to get our books ready for this week. Right now with my struggling readers we are only completing 3 days of HOD over the week. Hopefully by Jan/Feb the boys will do 4 days as scheduled but we'll see. It depends how their reading improves.

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I just moved to HOD Preparing this year with my younger two boys.  I use only the history reading and science.  I'm trying to fit in poetry too.  The other things we already have good routines for.  I think it's worth it... 6 guides is ambitious!  Going to take a look at your blog now!

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