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Sonlight Questions.. Levels B and F or G or W?


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  I  am seriously considering Sonlight this year. We already use their suggestions for Science and Math.. so I am looking at the Core programs..


For those who have used it with multiple kids..


I have a second grader (advanced reader) and a 4th/5th grader (ages 7 and 9).. I was wondering if I could use Core B World History.. using the Grade 3 readers for the 7 year old and the Grade 4/5 readers for the 9 Year old...

   Would the Core Guide reflect both the reader choices?

   Would I have to buy 2 cores or just add a reader pack?

   Are there student pages to get an additional set for

  Would it be too easy for the 9 year old?


We've done a lot of American History but very little World History..


Otherwise I was considering putting the 9 year old in Core D.. but that is Am Hist again.


My 13 year old, grade 8.. is a struggling reader/writer..I was wondering if I should put him in Level F.. as it is Eastern History.. something we have not done... or Core G..? I am worried about it being too challenging...given his writing struggles....I was also looking at Core W...




I want to make sure I can hit the High School history courses over time...given he is in 8th....Not all their History Courses.. obviously.. as they offer several options for each level....


Please help me..

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Core B would be a great choice for the 7 and 9 year olds. At the Core B level, students are varied enough in their language arts levels that the language arts has its own separate IG. One language arts is included with your purchase. You will need to purchase an additional LA package if your children with use different levels. If you decide to just pick one level of language arts you can either make copies as needed or order an extra copy of LA student pages. The LA IG includes the reading schedule.



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The Sonlight forums are now free and open to the public, so you can go there for specific questions, if you want. There will be a lot of people experienced with SL and all the current reader packages available there. Things have changed quite a bit in the last couple years.


I've done cores B and D (and E) with multi-aged children and both work well as long as they are within the recommended age ranges. Once you get to core D and beyond, the readers are part of the history portion of the core. Core B has a few different levels of reader packages to choose from, so you can find a package to fit each of your children. Core D only has the option of regular and advanced readers, and the regular readers could be too advanced for your younger child. The LA is also tied to the readers.


For a 7 and 9 year old who haven't done much world history, I'd definitely do core B. It's not too easy for a 9 year old, and there are so many additional books and activities you can bring in if you want to. You could also look into core B+C and spread it out over 2 years. 


I didn't continue with SL after core E, so I can't provide personal experience. 


Good luck!



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I would choose either B or B+C for your 7 & 9 year olds.   If you choose Core B and use Sonlight's LA and Readers, you would run out of LA & and Reader packages next year to use with Core C for the current 9 year old.    Just something to think about.   If you use a LA program other than SL, Readers are easy to put together on your own, but it's something to consider.   When combining Cores, it works when both children are in the recommended age range, so I would not go any higher than B+C for those two.


For your 13 year old, I'd ask whether you feel like he'd enjoy the writing/research component of Core F, or whether he'd do better with ancient history in Core G.   Look at the online samples for Core F before choosing.   The notebooking pages are less intense now with Core F than they used to be, but for a struggling reader/writer, he might have difficulty with that aspect.   One idea you could consider is Core G at a slower pace.


My 12 year old (who is a very strong reader and good writer) is doing Core G this year (mostly independently) and he thinks it's a LOT of work.   But we have used SL for a long time, and it's a great fit.   My 10 year old (who is a strong reader, but doesn't enjoy writing) is doing Core F slowed down, with extra books added, with the intent of her not starting Core G until she is 12 as well.   She does not enjoy the notebooking pages and research of Core F, but we are sticking with it for now and I'm helping her through it.


The bottom line is don't be afraid to use the IG as a guide, rather than as a mandate.    

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