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Can Sonlight be used somewhat independently for older grades?


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I had a thread a few days ago about looking for an American History program for my 8th grader and several people suggested Sonlight.  With three other kids with their own special situations, I didn't feel I could dedicate on the "Sonlight time" necessary for the 8th grader to do her History, though I love the program.  As I researched programs though, I kept coming back to it.  


So here's the question, can an 8th grader do just the History/Reading portions mostly independently, with mom doing some discussions but not doing all the read-alouds (she would do those independently as well)?  

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Absolutely!   My 7th grader is using Sonlight mostly independently this year, and discussing with me.   As long as your 8th grader can handle the amount of reading, it may be a great solution.   I've heard it said many times that Core 100 is appropriate for 8th grade.


I agree with the suggestion that you check to see what titles might have more mature content or might need pre-reading on your part before handing them to your child.   I pre-read everything, but that's what I've done all along with Sonlight.

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