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Just finished reading the Ramona Quimby series aloud... Sad!

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It's funny, because dd11 has been reading the Ramona books for years. She loves EVERYTHING Beverly Cleary. I cannot believe it, but I had never read them. So I decided to start reading them aloud - mostly for DS8's benefit, but my dd11 also listened when she was around. Every night, my son would ask "can you read Ramona?" It was so sweet. He loved this series so much. And last night was our very last chapter of our very last book. And I just felt sad! I often feel this way at the end of a book series, but there's just something so wonderful about Ramona Quimby, kwim?


So, we actually have all of Beverly Cleary's books, and even Henry Huggins on audiobook (just recently purchased, haven't yet listened) but I'm not sure what's the appropriate book(s) to start next. I kind of want to do something "not" Beverly Cleary for a while, if that makes sense.


Can you list what you would read after reading the entire Ramona series aloud?

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Henry Huggins. You get to see Ramona sometimes in there and it makes you feel better. It's what we did.


Exactly this. We were so, so sad to come to the end of the Ramona books. She's one of the most amazing characters in literature. Beverly Clearly gives her characters so much space to be genuine children; reading her books aloud with my own children has been so good for all of us. 


We're in the midst of the Henry books now, and I'm so glad we read Ramona first, since it helps me look upon her otherwise troublesome preschool character with fondness.

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Okay it sounds like we need to read the Henry Huggins series soon :) but tonight I started reading Where the Red Fern Grows. After it is finished we will (of course) watch the movie.



Love this book. What about a classic like Heidi (my all-time favorite read aloud) or Swiss Family Robinson? We also enjoyed Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang (by Ian Fleming of Bond fame) and Mary Poppins. Especially after watching Saving Mr. Banks. 



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Just wanted to offer a heads-up just in case....

I read and LOVED Where the Red Fern Grows when I was in jr. high.  It was required reading in 7th grade?  I think.  

As each classmate finished the book, many were in tears!  I understood once I finished.  The book has a sad ending- it REALLY pulls on your heart-strings.

It is an incredible book, but if your kids are soft-hearted or elementary aged....... the sad ending is something you would want to know about ahead of time.

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My son was smitten with Ramona.

He also loves Heidi so much that he named our dog after her.

He also really liked Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy from the Wizard of. Oz, even though they are more fantasy like.

A Little Princess and The Secret Garden were good choices also.

My son has a thing for girl protagonists. I have yet to find a book with a boy protagonist that he has loved so much. Sadly he wouldn't get into Henry Huggins or any other Beverly Cleary books.



Other books that many kids seem to love are books written by Roald Dahl. He might like Matilda or even sweet Charley from the Chocolate factory.


Oh he did like the antics in Mr Popper's Penguins and the hilarity in Mrs Piggle Wiggle.

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I agree you might want to try Anne of Green Gables. There is a LOT of description in those books, however. (I read the prequel - not written by LM Montgomery - a few years ago & liked it, BTW.)


My kids were not big Ramona fans, however. 


Interesting. I have loved the Anne movies since childhood (I'm originally from Canada) but had never read the books until a year ago. I think the books are fabulous, but there is no way my 8 year old would enjoy them (well maybe the first couple, but not past those) at this point. My dd11 is a huge reader and she hasn't loved them yet.


I felt the same way about Mary Poppins. I just couldn't get into it. Even though I love the movie.


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I think the books are fabulous, but there is no way my 8 year old would enjoy them (well maybe the first couple, but not past those) at this point. My dd11 is a huge reader and she hasn't loved them yet.


I stopped after book #2 reading them aloud because I figured they probably wouldn't enjoy 3 at that point in their lives (8 & 6 or younger). DD#1 has read all of them (except I'm not sure she made it all the way through Rilla of Ingleside -- which is my favorite). I teased them for a long time about who Anne would marry.  :lol:  But all my kids have enjoyed the audiobook version (including the Focus on the Family one that is abridged) of the first book. I skipped much of the descriptions when reading them myself, but I know people who LOVE that part.

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Ah, Ramona!  Such a wonderful series.  I would suggest that you listen to the audio version in about 6 months. . .Stockard Channing is AMAZING as Ramona (and all the adults--oh how she made me think twice about my tone of voice--it's not what you say but how you say it. . .especially when you're exasperated!).  I think I've listened to them all several times.


My daughter loved the Anne of Green Gables series but we listened to it on audio.  That might be the way to go.  We also did that with Little Women and the sequels (which we both loved!).


The Penderwicks series is a lot of fun. My kids cannot wait until the next book is out (their first experience with a series where they have to wait for the author to finish writing the next one!).


Thanks for bringing back such great memories.


And FWIW, my kids never enjoyed the rest of Beverly Cleary's books after the Ramona series as much either. . .


Beverly Cleary did write two autobiographies which your older daughter might be interested in. . .


Little Britches is a fun series to follow too.


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