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Rusty Hughes Apologia Chemistry DVDs

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Would anybody please tell me if these DVDs actually include a note-taking document (outlining the lectures/modules) per book chapter?  From the online descriptions I gather that it does have math problems in each module's document.  But I am also interested to know if this product contains note-taking outlines for each module.


A description of what the "Module Notes" contain would be very helpful.  I cannot find a sample anywhere online, therefore would appreciate your valuable input on this.  Thanks in advance!

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Since no one has responded, I thought I'd share about something else you might be interested in. I don't know anything about the Rusty Hughes DVDs, but if you are looking for instruction to go along with Apologia Chemistry, you might like the FREE lessons at www.virtualhomeschoolgroup.com. You have to register to see the courses, but you can register yourself and sign up for the at-your-own-pace chemistry course to explore what's there (not the live course, which is closed). The lessons are helpful for explaining/reinforcing what was covered in the text. There are note pages you can print (which have screen shots of the images used on the left and space to write to the right), and there are online quizzes and tests, which you can use as such or as review assignments before the student takes the written exam. That's the beauty of the at-your-own-pace courses - you get to decide what to count! I know that wasn't what you were looking for, but maybe the lessons there will be of some help while you decide whether or not to order the Rusty Hughes DVD.

A couple of things if you do sign up - your real name (not user name) will appear on other people's course pages as having been online in the last 5 minutes, so if you don't like that you can put in a fake name or just use initials. Also, you have to go into your profile to change settings if you don't want others in the course to see your email and if you don't want to get emails from the group. Your dc each have to have their own email address to register for courses, but as a parent you can request that the website link their accounts to yours so you can see how they are doing.  The owners take care of it within a day or so, and you're all set.

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