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Does this curriculum exist?

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So my 9yo did Pet Store Math and loved, loved, loved running his virtual pet store. He's now asking for something similar that does "all of life" -- insurance, rent/mortgage, groceries, etc. Does something like this exist? Ideally not just workbook lessons (although a workbook is OK) but something that has you run a virtual life, be responsible for your decisions, etc.?



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I've been wanting something like that for years. I found something on ebay from the 80s that has elements of what I'm looking for, but I think I'm going to have to come up with my own thing put together from a bunch of resources. My son is older with Aspergers, and I want it to be very realistic. I emailed Sonya Shafer a few years ago about creating something similar to Pet Store Math for personal finance/life skills but she couldn't do it at that time. Maybe with enough interest she would consider it.

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