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Visual versions of classic (or modern) Living Books (CM'ish) ie: more pictures!

Guest theinbetween

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Guest theinbetween

(x-posted w/ K-8)

I have a sweet 9 year old boy who is a fairly good reader. His comprehension is also ok, but a little below average simply because of attention difficulties.  He has Autism and is very visual, but is also hyperlexic so he is able to decode and read words at a fairly high level. He is so sweet, and so eager to learn, but has a tremendous amount of difficulty focusing and I want to make his first full time year of homeschooling a very positive and engaging experience for him.  This can set the tone for the years to come as he has had some very difficult experiences with many other methods, so thank you for reading.


Because of a special funding source for my homeschool curricula, I am limited to buying only books that are listed somewhere as being part of a "complete curriculum." However, I have permission to substitute the 'extra wordy and non-pictoral' versions of these books with ones that would be more appropriate and hold his attention. (This, of course, is all in an effort to get him to the place where he can read with little or no visual support within the book and he is able to make the pictures in his head, but for now....)  He seems to respond best to the Charlotte Mason, Unit Studies approach but I'm open to anything. 


Therefore I can use Amblesideonline, Five in a Row, My Fathers World, or any Charlotte Mason or Classical Curriculum (or other) websites that have book lists, or say 'curriculum' and preferably have year #'s or grade #'s associated with it. However, most of the books as they get into the 3rd grade and above have very few pictures, and even some of the classics that do have pictures, they tend to be "sketch" like and very abstract, which is hard for him to focus on because of a seizure disorder and visual tracking problems. 


If you have any ideas, suggestions, favorites of visually engaging classics or modern classics that you or your children loved even if you aren't sure if it is on someone's curriculum list, please let me know the name, author, series, website, curriculum name, blog...whatever you can remember. Since I am swimming in possibilities and this process is taking just a huge amount of time and effort, I thought I'd pop on here and see what the 'experts' already know instead of trying to reinvent the wheel from scratch.  


I'd rather be teaching and reading than hunting and searching, so if you have any suggestions, I'm so appreciative!


Note: His Special Interest Areas just as an additional fyi: Presidents, U.S. History, Relationships, Character development, Bible, Cultural/Geographical, Classical Composers, Theater and music. (x-posted w/ special needs)

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You might look at the Veritas Press catalog for additional books.  They have extensive listings for each grade in each subject.  Then, for the classics, you can go over to amazon and search for it with the term illustrated.  So illustrated Peter Pan, illustrated Hobbit, etc. etc. 

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