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S/O what TV shows do you miss?

Mom in High Heels

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I'll see your Pushing Daisies and raise you a Wonderfalls. :D


I don't know... there are many shows I'm sad were canceled so early or even less early but I still wish there were more. On the other hand, I think it bothers me now less. I can't work up a fuss, not even about, say, Firefly, anymore.

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I see your Stargates & Life and I will raise you a Homefront.  I can't find this one anywhere.  No re-runs or DVD release.  So sad.  I recently watched all of Endgame and it just ended.  Poof.  No series finale, nothing.  Also Crossing Lines.  What happened?


Amber in SJ


Oh my goodness.  I love love love Homefront.  It was my favorite show of all time.  It was on when I was a kid and my sisters and cousin used to get so mad because when we'd play they all wanted to be people from 90210 and I wanted to be Ruth Sloan from Homefront.  I was a little obsessed.   :laugh:




Yes.  This too.  

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Kingdom (the British one)


The Glades (really?? they ended it with the main character shot and bleeding on his wedding day????)

The glades!!!

And I agree - the way they ended it was just horrible.


I binge watch the whole thing once in a while and love it still. I was laid up for 4 weeks with a back injury recently and watched every single episode lol.


Such a good show.


I also miss Dharma and Greg. And Will and Grace.

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We're all looking forward to shows, but I want to know what shows that are no longer on that you miss.  Even though you can see them on reruns, what would you love to see MORE of?


Stargate SG1

Stargate Atlantis

Pushing Daisies



Magnum, PI (I'd love an updated version of this show)

Gilmore Girls

I loved Pushing Daisies.  


I will add (and totally show my age because I watched a lot of tv back in the day):


Hart to Hart ( I so wanted to be Mrs. Hart.  She's gorgeous.)

Spencer for Hire

The Equalizer

The Pretender


All in the Family

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Barney Miller

The Six Million Dollar Man

The Bionic Woman

Laverne and Shirley


WKRP in Cincinnati

Mork and Mindy

Welcome Back Kotter

Charlie's Angels

One Day at a Time

Three's Company



Get Smart


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Freaks & Geeks 

Warehouse 13


Life on Mars

Terra Nova (It filled a great niche for families with kids straddling the PG-13 line. I could get DS14 and DS10 to watch together.)


DH misses Life and Deadwood. At least he has Justified to keep him company. 


I miss Fringe, but it ended with some closure. I liked the ending more than most series. 

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Will and Grace


The IT Crowd


Not a show, but a channel:

I miss the old AMC when they only showed great old movies. That channel helped me through a few years of insomnia in high school. I know they have some great series, but I miss the old format

and Bob Dorian introducing the movie:




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Kingdom - I keep hoping they will bring it back like they did with Foyle's War. Or a Christmas special. Something.


A Bit of Fry and Laurie or Jeeves and Wooster, although they are probably too old now for the latter.


Campion. I thought Peter Davison was perfectly cast in that and there were still a few stories they didn't cover.


I have a thing for British tv, lol.

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