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I Can Read Now!


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My son really likes "I Can Read Now!" by David Fernstedt. 




Is there anything else like that?  Basically, each page has a picture with the fluency sentence.  For example,



Which of

Which of the

Which of the dogs......etc.  You get the point. 


We have Bob books, but it's not exactly the same.  We have fluency reader pages through AAR, but that's not what I'm looking for either. 


Someone on this forum had mentioned "You Can Read to Me and I'll Read to You", so I've got them on hold at the library.  Don't know if that's what I'm looking for either.  We'll see. 


Any suggestions? 

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Reading Pathways (from the writer of Phonics Pathways) has that same pyramid approach to reading fluency.  Sentences like:


Jan's fat

Jan's fat cat

Jan's fat cat Max

Jan's fat cat Max sat.

(and so forth)


Thank you!  I actually feel foolish now because I use Phonics Pathways!  I need more sleep..............  :) 


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Nora Gaydos books. 




The first helpful review gives an example from one of the books.


Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for.  Except a used book on amazon is $137........  :)  


  I will buy this (from somewhere else) and Reading Pathways. 

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