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Is there a "banned" list?

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Someone asked about banning in this thread posted on the "How To" forum. I'm very curious about this. How does one go about finding the names of people who have been banned? I only know of one person who was definitely banned and that name is not included in the list of members. Is there some other way to find out?


Just call me George, because I'm curious.... ;)

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I don't know that there's a "list", but I know it's possible to almost completely hide yourself here, to where you don't show up on the Member List, but your posts are still searchable by user name. It seems that is what is done to the banned members.

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I know it does...but why would it keep track of her activities here still if she was banned?


Perhaps it means activity in posts she was a part of? I don't know. I don't moderate here so I don't know the details. Perhaps she tried to log on and found she could not? I have no idea really.

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She has also been removed from the members list which leads me to believe 1 of 3 things.


One, she violated one of the sticky rules as I mentioned previously.


Two, she did something worse than the rules laid down in the sticky.


Three, I have way too much time on my hands to be super-sleuthing things that are none of my business.:lol:

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