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Susan, I hope that seeing so many supporting you, and seeing all of us old timers who heard about this and came back for a moment to support you, makes it crystal clear to you what a special, beautifu

I asked my son to draw a picture of a T-Rex eating a watermelon. He thought that was a strange idea, but drew one to humor me:   ETA poor watermelon really doesn't stand a chance against those claw

Yes, it is completely ridiculous for you to be threatened over stuff like this. It is extremely gracious of you to allow the posters of this board to try to help clean up the board rather than just t

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Wow! Just read this thread and find the entire situation sad. My avatar is okay. It is from Margaritaville.com for use on message boards as a parrothead avatar.  It is fulfilling its purpose as intended. 

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I'm starting to get itchy for new curriculum too. Not because I need it at all, but because it's convention season. I'm supposed to be getting fun stuff to drool over for next year, so I'm about to start my ordering even though there's no real reason to. If I'm ordering online I could just wait til fall when I actually need it. But where's the fun in that? Plus, I do want summer to read over manuals. 

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