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 My daughter made it through 1/2  of Saxon Algebra 1 in 8th grade. She learned the material, but hated math, Nd I mean really hated the process. With some advice here on the forum, I started her over with Lial's algebra. It is going well as she knows a lot of the material.  We can get through a lot of the material maybe faster, but I don't want to push too hard because of her strong dislike for math previously.

Anyway, here is my worry. Since she is in 9th grade, is this really going to hurt her chances later in colleges if she does 9th  Algebra 1, 10th grade Geometry, 11th grade alg. 2 and then precal or trig in 12th? She is so motivated in so many other areas and is s great student. I am worried I have set her back. Should I push her through Algebra and try to get to Geo this year? Teach her through the summer and then start Alg 2 next year? or will this cause undue stress?

Any opinions would be helpful.

I got so much help before with math issues.

Just looking for a little more :confused1:


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IMO, unless she is headed to college in a field like science, math, or engineering, etc. field, the sequence of  Alg. 1 - Geom. - Alg. 2 - any advanced math course is probably sufficient. That's what all the public 4 year colleges want in our state (Nebraska).

She is definitely not headed for those fields, unless possibly Biology or life sciences. She is so much more about writing, language(Spanish), photography, and some interest in computers ,but not programming.

I know I probably worry too much. I think she can tell I am a little worried and she feels pressured. Older sister is taking Calc 2 her senior year and is definitely more STEM. Not worried about older dd math sequence. I am just not sure what is normal or right for younger. Trying to find the balance.

We live in CA.

Thanks for replying :001_smile:

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Make sure her algebra 1 is rock solid. That is much more important for college success than rushing through more math credits.

The college students in my physics classes who struggle with math do so not because they did not take calculus in high school, but because they have not truly mastered algebra 1 and pre-algebra. Take the time she needs.

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Ask your daughter how she feels about it all.   I think about keeping options open at this point.  If she can move quickly through the material for now, I'd let her do that and then go onto geometry whenever algebra I is finished.   Obviously the higher she gets in math, while understanding and doing well, the stronger her application will be to colleges.   You never know what she's going to decide to study.  I wouldn't push her nor would I push any student in math, but I wouldn't hold her back either.  I would ask her what she'd like to do now as far as the pace of completing lessons that she's already familiar with, and then I'd ask her when algebra I is done and geometry started if she'd like to work on it through the summer. 


With having done Saxon, she's likely used to spending quite a bit of time on math each day.  If it was only the Saxon text she hated, she may be fine with spending the same amount of time on math now, and will likely progress more quickly.  I see that your older daughter is doing dual enrollment at the CC.  If you think this daughter may do that as well, then that's an easy way for her to advance in math as each course is completed in a semester.  With that as a possibility, I wouldn't worry.

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Solid algebra skills are the key to all future maths. Do not rush algebra one in order to be ready for calc 1 as a senior. That is not necessary. If you do that and algebra is a struggle, while she may survive high school calc 1, it doesn't serve her well and if she were then placed in calc 1 in college or heaven forbid, calc 2 due to majoring in something that required a stout math course as part of the gen ed or the major, she might fail even though she was exposed to the material in high school and all based on the fact that she never became comfortable with basic algebra.


Regentrude is spot on in this and solid algebra skills will be the thing that also helps her get a decent score in the Math section of the ACT or the SAT. Even though there are trig questions on those tests, the score is largely based on the previous three maths. So nurture those algebra skills, and if need be, break a good text down into 12 months doing math year round, instead of nine months. I have always done this with my kids, and never regretted it. We went slowly, methodically, patiently through the first four chapters of Lial's beginning algebra, and then they would take off for the last four chapters just breezing through it. For geometry, I used Jacob's, but some people do not like his approach. Whatever you choose, get one that has some algebra review in every chapter just to keep those rules of factoring polynomials, completing the square, using the quadratic equation, setting up story problems, etc. current. DD and middle ds completed algebra 2 and geometry concurrently. I only recommend that for a strong, enthusiastic math student.

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