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good apps/websites for testing reading level

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I think my DD (technically 1st grade) is behind where she should be with reading.  I know every kid is different, but all of her friends seem to read well beyond the level she can read at.  I'd like to see exactly where "they" say she's at just to get an idea.


Any suggestions?

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Not exactly what you're asking for, per se, but the way I checked a dd's level once was to note some of the books she was comfortable reading and look their Lexile level up at: https://lexile.com/ -- the "quick book search" up in the corner. Once you know approximate Lexile level she's reading, then use one of these two pages to see where she would fall:



for example, under "I don't know my Lexile measure" enter: 

My Current Grade is: (1st)

I find the books I read for school are: (difficult, just right, or easy)

and these Lexile measures show up at the right : difficult for 1st - Beginning Reader to 280; just right for 1st - 280 to 580; easy for 1st - 580 to 870


or PAGE 2

Be sure to scroll down, as there are two parts, the typical readers by grade, or the typical texts used in the different grades at schools


Hope this helped.




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Oh, and I wanted to add, all 5 of my dds had way different "reading humps" as I call them. I encouraged them, but didn't push, and dh and I read to them lots and lots, and they eventually all got over their hump and happily on their way to being above average readers...Except my youngest, but she's still "on the hump" but has probably passed the peak so it should all be downhill from here.


The neat thing about this, is that my oldest (my book worm) was a late reader (took a while to get over her hump) but went on to read tons of books, and even got a perfect 36 on the reading part of the ACT test and a very high score on the reading part of the SAT. 


My point is, don't worry too much about it if dc is behind grade level a little or even a lot. If given a chance to take it at their own pace, which homeschooling is the perfect setting for, everyone will probably master reading.

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Reading Eggs has a placement test if you sign up for the 2-week trial.  It starts off very easy with identifying letters and sounds, and keeps getting gradually harder until the student misses 3 questions.  The results are given in terms of "reading age", which I found helpful for my child with a fall birthday.  (BTW - the test for Reading Eggs only goes up to about a 2nd grade or 7yo reading level; there might be another one for Reading Eggspress.)

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the san diego quick assessment is always a good place to start for word recognition, etc. 




for fluency and comprehension, I look up the lexile level of books and have them read the books to me, noting how fluently they read them - and we talk about their understanding afterwards.  I also note if something makes them frustrated...  Of course, different kids respond to frustration differently - one of mine has a very high threshold for frustration and another child has no tolerance for being challenged/frustrated. LOL



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Here are a few free tests:




Most schools teach the Dolch sight words as wholes. This makes the children appear ahead in the early years, but for many students is is harmful in the long run and leads to guessing habits. My son appeared behind compared to his peers up until last year, now he is reading a few years above grade level and able to sound out multiple syllable words better than the students without a sound phonics background, the dreaded 4th grade slump, very common for students taught with sight words and guided reading.


Here is how and why to teach the sight words phonetically instead of wholes by sight:



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