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AoPS founder to speak in the Boston area

Ravi B

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Richard Rusczyk, the founder of the Art of Problem Solving (AoPS), will be speaking in the Boston area on Saturday, September 27, 2014. Specifically, Richard's talk will be held in MIT's student center from about 9:30 am to 11 am (including a Question and Answer session). The title of his talk is "School Isn't Enough: Education Outside the Classroom". The talk is free and everyone is welcome to attend.


Richard's talk is part of the Math Prize for Girls (MPfG) event (which I help run), but you don't need to be part of MPfG to attend the talk. You can find a little more info here:

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Will there be a video recording?  :)

Yes, we've asked MIT to videotape Richard's talk.  Assuming the recording goes well, we'll eventually post it on the Math Prize website -- maybe in 2 months?  I can update this thread when it's out.


You think a teen would enjoy this?  I'm tempted to let dd skip German Sat School...

Depending on the teen, why not?  :)  Your daughter might want to peek at the video of Richard's last talk with us 5 years ago to decide:


(Apologies for the quality of the audio.  Our videographer back then didn't know what he was doing.  By the way, my wife is giving the intro at the beginning -- though our video guy misspelled her last name. :))  If your daughter finds Richard's previous talk interesting, she might enjoy his upcoming talk.  

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My dd13 asked if she could come, though I think she had in mind the Dunkin Donuts downstairs.



My dd10 started jumping up and down with joy when I told her about the event. :willy_nilly:

We will be skipping her music lesson.


You guys are local?  Maybe we should have a little girly math nerd meetup on the side... ;)

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