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My Kindle Fire was stolen!


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....tonight at chess club at the local YMCA! I have already deregistered it, but I was wondering what will show up...will they be able to get into my email.? My gmail account opens right up from an icon, no password needed. I would close the gmail account, but I need to be able to communicate with soccer team, etc...


Other than that, they can see my facebook account, and WTM.


I will go right now and change passwords for amazon, eBay, etc...


Anything else I need to do besides get a new kindle? :)


It's a minor inconvenience, but I am disgruntled that it was stolen at the Y of all places.


Thanks for listening to me gripe. :o

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Go to your google account and change your password for google. That way, they cannot get into your email if they click on the icon as it will ask them to re-enter password for google account. Change your Facebook and WTM account passwords too and any of your other accounts (banks, credit cards) that you might have accessed from the kindle. Call the front desk of YMCA and ask them if any one turned it in. And change all the passwords even if you get the kindle back.


My iPhone went missing at a halloween party and I gave up on it. A man called my DH from my phone and said that his wife found the phone and he dropped off the phone at my DH's workplace because he was closely. So, if someone nice got a hold of it, then chances are that they will turn it in.

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Thanks for all your advice! I called the Y, and texted the chess club leader, and the chess club leader found it on the floor last night and took it home with her. It must have fallen out of my bookbag when I was taking another book out, because I did not use it at all at chess club. I met her this morning and got it back.


So, sorry I jumped the gun about calling it stolen. It just didn't occur to me that it might have fallen out of the bag because it was way down in the bottom of the bag. :o

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