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Hi y'all,

Just a quick note that we have posted free samples of "Writing With Skill, Level 3 Instructor Text" and "Writing With Skill, Level 3 Student Workbook" on the Peace Hill Press samples page.

For each book, the sample contains the Table of Contents, the first ten weeks of lessons, and any appendices that are relevant to those lessons.


We are getting ready to hand these books to the printer, and expect to have copies for sale within the next two months. Peace Hill Press will have it first, then Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I'll announce availability here, and Peace Hill Press will also update you through its Facebook and Twitter pages.


Thanks for your patience. Enjoy!


Justin from Peace Hill Press

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On week #2 and really like it so far. This is actually my first time using one of the books in Susan's writing series. We were just always busy with other things, but WWS looked it would fit perfectly for our needs this year. I love that it is written to the student and has 4 days of work per week. Very manageable and easy to implement. 


So far, so good!


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I'm getting a 404 error when I click on the link.  Also getting this when I try to access the writing category at Peace Hill Press.  Servers down?


Julie...so sorry about that! Yes, we're having a temporary issue with the website, and are working on it. Please check back later tonight, or tomorrow. or email me at justin AT peacehillpress DOT com and i'll send you a PDF of the sample.



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