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can't find the words


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I don't even know what to say. I'm so sorry. :(


My friend went through this with her father and he seemed very certain about it, but then he changed his mind and went back on dialysis.


Do you think there is anyone who might be able to talk with your mom and convince her to give it another try?


Is she on a transplant list?

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Never was eligible for transplant. Been doing it for ten years, mainly cause I begged her too when we first found out she had end stage renal failure. Had just had youngest, wanted him to have memories of her.


She's tired. She wants to go home. Her kidney doc asked her about it, she's been missing treatments , they talked . I took mom to hospital today, they put her in ICU. Then she saw her doc and had the talk. He asked her flat out, she said she's done.


I'm sorry I have a really bad headache. I'll finish it tomorrow.

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