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I need recommendations for light, easy, beachy reads for my upcoming cruise.  I usually get through 3 or 4 per cruise, and I only have one right now. 


I don't want anything that will make me ponder any Big Picture life things.  I don't want to be scared or thrilled.  I don't want a mystery. I don't care for sci-fi or fantasy (for this purpose, anyway).   I want to relax, maybe laugh, and have some easy reads.  


As a matter of reference, some of the authors I love for this specific purpose are Jen Lancaster, Stacy Ballis, Mary Kay Andrews, Elin Hilderbrand, Sophie Kinsella, Emily Giffin.


So, any recommendations?  I've read pretty much everything by everyone above.  Extra credit for someone who introduces me to a new series of books that I enjoy.  



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Seconding Pink and Green Mom's rec of This is Where I Leave You. (Movie is slated to have Tina Fey & Jason Bateman & I can totally see them in the roles...). I think you'd definitely enjoy it.


A.J. Jacobs is pretty funny, imo. He wrote stuff like The Year of Living Biblically and The Guinea Pig Diaries (which might be a better fit than the Bible one for your cruise as each chapter is more like a separate essay).


If you like mobster stuff, The Iron Will of Shoeshine Cats by Hesh Kesin is amusing. Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway is also really fun.


Do you like Sara Addison Allen's books? I know a lot of people like her stuff. I've read Garden Spells & that might sort-of fit what you're looking for.


Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips


Cooking with Fernet Branca by James Hamilton Patterson is a snarky, funny take-off on foodie/travel memoirs.


I know you said no fantasy, but check out the Iron Druid series by Kevin Hearne!

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