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"Meaty" Science

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My daughter is blowing through Apologia. She is reading the Biology now. She reads it, answers the questions and retains it.  I don't think it is challenging enough for her. She will be done with the whole book in about 2 weeks or so.


I need something more.


I'd also like something that doesn't bash other ways of thinking. Apologia is bad about that. I don't care if the author thinks evolution is a load of bunk. We just want the scientific explanations for things. We can decide for ourselves if we want to believe in evolution or creation.


Any suggestions?

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I am looking for science in general. I know Apologia is supposed to be good but honestly the whole "well it can't be this way because we know God made everything" is annoying. I want to get away from it. Even my dd doesn't like the it. The author disparages any different thinking at every corner. You can believe in evolution and believe in God at the same time. If God made everything then He can make it whatever way he wants and however he wants.


I digress. Sorry. I know plenty don't agree and it isn't my intention to make them mad but for us it is just to confining to have to think only one way.


I am not looking specifically for Biology but I will check out the Miller-Levine. I also would like something for Chemistry and Physics. :) I don't want much do I?

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Physical and Biology. She still needs Chemistry and Physics.


I looked into the ML science. I am thoroughly confused. What books exactly do I need? I do not want online or computer materials. Dd does much better with regular books. do I need the TM with ML?

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If she blew threw Apologia that easily, I would skip Miller/Levine (my personal favorite), and head straight to Campbell Biology. It is a much higher level. Miller/Levine, while it meets your request for more open minded and scientific textbook is still an on-level high school Biology. The Campbell's text I linked is AP or college level and it sounds like she is capable of that and would learn so much more by having the deeper coverage available for her.


I linked to the 9th edition, but you could go back one for cost savings or up to the 10th for the most current... totally up to you.

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I found that introductory college texts for non-majors are a good choice for high school students who are looking for a "meaty" science program.

For my kids, I am using:

College Physics by Knight, Jones, Field for a 9th grade algebra based physics course

General Chemistry : The essential concepts by Chang for chem

Campbell/Reese Biology: Concepts and Connections (or, a little lighter, Exploring Life)

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This year's Chemistry plans on Quarks and Quirks are close to complete, with only the last few weeks needing labs (and I promise that will be completed months before they are needed. My biology plans, updated last year, may be another option, if you're looking for more than facts to memorize and processes to learn. Both are secular honors-level plans with breadth and depth as well as some outside reading and writing. (I'd shove in more if I could, but it seems my students -- four this year -- seem to have other classes as well.) 


For more about choosing science curriculum, I just finished this piece of guidance: Curriculum for Teaching Science and Scientific Thinking (a third installment in a growing series on essential skills).  It, and the piece before it (Follow the Ant), will give you a bit more idea of my philosophy of teaching science. 


(Questions on my lesson plans are always welcome and best sent to my email, which can be found in the About section of Quarks and Quirks.)



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