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11th grade American history: lit based,prefer secular with writing assignments...

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I've found that it's not a big deal to plan something out yourself and then you'll have a course perfect for your student. I just made a table on word and divided it by historical period in the rows and by type of resources in the columns. I lined up a high school american lit book (Glencoe was at my local thrift store) with a us history book (we are using Hakim which would probably be too young for your purposes I imagine), combined with a book on US history DBQs and Reading Like a Historian and videos (Crash Course US History, American Experience, Freedom: A History of US etc...) and movies. I'm happy to email it if anyone wants, but it really isn't that hard to align your own choices for literature and history and writing together.

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The Fundafunda plan is secular, keys in good questions to base essay assignments, but doesn't include lit. My DD is using it this year. We built our own lit list and I plugged it right into the Fundafunda plan (with the relevant parts of Foster's 25 Books and American Lit TC lectures). ~ http://fundafunda.com/blog/in-depth-us-history-course-for-high-schoolers.html

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