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I am a nut for good design on educational art/posters and I saw this Etsy shop which I thought others would appreciate:



They're all pdf ones so you have to have them printed, but she has some lovely ones, including some cool literary ones and Latin ones (clearly a WTM'er at heart) and some nice science ones - I like the cell ones.


(PS: If anyone else is a nut, I had a thread about this last year and posted some of the posters and art I found that I liked on my blog if you're looking for more.)

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Nice stylish educational posters! If they were like $2.50, I'd buy a lot, but $5 I'd have to choose just a few.


My homeschool room has boring bare white walls, so I guess today's the day to brighten them up. :)


Hey, there you are! Haven't seen you in awhile.  :seeya:

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Where do you get a poster printed and what's a ballpark figure for the cost?? These are neat.

Printing on a regular sheet can be done for about a dollar with good quality on thick paper. Bigger is more, but less than you might think. I had 11x17 posters made from vintage illustrations a couple of years ago and I think they were only about $5 apiece from Staples.

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Awww… disappointed. I thought you were going to give us a list of people who write good posts on this board -- you know, the "good posters". ;)




[PS -- the print posters were nice, too, after I got over my disappointment. :)]


My thoughts exactly!  I get home from the holiday visit to the relatives... find a super long thread I'd missed, see the other threads still continuing on, then click on this one and wonder who's on the list... ;)


At least the consolation prize is that there are nice "print" things to look at!  Very nice!

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