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CTC Math: Is There Review Built In?

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Not quite sure about the review.  The program generates a report that will tell you what "level" you achieved on each lesson, letting you know whether you need to revisit it or not.  Each lesson has a video, the problems to work, plus a  1-2 page set of notes that you can print and use to help you remember the concepts. 


Since all the grade levels are accessible, you can go back or forward a grade to visit the same topic. 


I know Teaching Textbooks does lots of review, introducing a new concept each lesson but also covering past topics in the problem sets.  The student has the option of see how each problem is worked also, so if they need review it is right there for them. 


I am using each of these programs with a different student, plus adding in Tablet Class for my oldest.  Apparently I just love collecting math programs.  :001_rolleyes:

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Thanks for your reply.  I think I saw an earlier post you wrote because I was trying to compare TC and CTC.  Looking at the two, CTC seems more engaging for my 10 year old.  I'm used to Saxon with its spiral approach.  I, too, collect math and everything else.  To date we have tried Beast Academy, Saxon, MM, LOF, MUS, and even AoPS.  Saxon has been our staple, but the kids hate it.


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