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Things to do around Kansas City in December?


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We just found out that we'll need to be around Kansas / Oklahoma / Missouri for work the last two weeks of December. If possible, we want to make it a nice vacation for the remaining several days of the trip. I usually have only passed through that area.


What are some places / things we can do in December around there? If it helps our kids are 9-17.

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Definitely take a stroll on the Plaza and see the lights. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is nice. I've heard that the Moon Marble Company is worth seeing. My kids like going to Crown Center, and while you're there visit Fritz's Railroad Restaurant, where miniature trains deliver the food to each table.

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The National WWI Museum at Liberty Memorial.


The Money Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City has pre-visit and post-visit lesson plans on their website kansascityfed.org (sorry, don't know how to link from my mobile).


Sealife Aquarium and Legoland Discovery Center.


Pp mentioned Crown Center. They have an outdoor skating rink in winter. Bundle up!


Be sure to get some good Kansas City bbq!

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Moon marble company is fun. They have a glass shop where they make some of their marbles. I would call ahead to see when would be a good time to see a demonstration. Be prepared, they have tons of toys. Many of them are cool old fashioned toys. If you don't get the demo then it is just a toy store with a bajillion marbles.


You don't want to miss the Liberty Memorial and WWI museum. the museum is wonderful, the Liberty memorial was, for a long time, the only WWI memorial in the US. It was built in the 20s.


The Truman Library is great and one can also tour his house.


There is a toy and miniature museum.


You should eat at Oklahoma Joes, it is very good barbecue.


They have a kid's science museum inside Union Station, it is pretty fun but I think more geared towards younger kids. If you do go to Union station ask one of the docents and they will show you where the bullet holes are from a famous mob shooting that took place there.


If you are at Crown Center (which is actually cooperate headquarters for Hallmark and it is close to Liberty Memorial) you might see a Crayola restaurant and think, "fun!" But the food is not that great IMO. We liked "Streetcar named Desire" if we ate there.


If you like art then the Nelson Atkins museum and the Kemper museum of contemporary art are both good. The Nelson Atkins has giant shuttlecocks on the front lawn. Can't miss it. :lol:

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In addition to what they said, LegoLand is worth the $$, the aquarium next door is not. Fitz's is a fun place to eat within the Crown Center complex. There's iceskating there too.  Science Center at Union Station has a lot more activities on Saturdays; plan for a visit then.


The Money Museum (part of the Fed reserve in KC) makes for a fun educational outing and is near Liberty Memorial.

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