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Catholic Curriculum


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I am looking for a Catholic curriculum for my eighth grade son which he could possibly continue through high school. We have never used a box curriculum before but I think for this particular boy it might be helpful to follow a rigorous program this year to prepare him for high school. I have been looking at Seton, Mother of Divine Grace, and Kolbe. Whichever one I look at seems better until I go look at the others again. I have to say I don't think their websites are very helpful. 


Is there anyone who has used them or seen them in person who could help me see the differences so I can make a decision? He is a 13 year old boy so I don't want him to be bored or use something that is too easy. 

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My oldest is just starting 8th grade and we are only a couple years into using Catholic curriculum (I am a convert as is my husband). That said, I'm curious what you are ultimately wanting. Does your son do well with workbooks? How is his reading level? Are you wanting someone to do everything for you - planning and grading? Or are you looking for lesson plans but want the flexibility to forge ahead on your own after that? Do you want an official transcript at the end of high school?


For us, we are using a lot of Kolbe with our 8th grader. He's actually doing an online class with them for science for a couple reasons (getting used to someone else give the assignments without the flexibility that might come from mom's due dates and to free me from teaching science). I also purchased lesson plans for a couple other courses. Our goal is mostly Koble for high school (we will be easing into the history and literature over time as he's a somewhat reluctant reader and ninth grade Kolbe history and literature would do us both in). I like the emphasis of good/great books and primary sources for history. At the end of the day, I love the Kolbe lesson plans (they are fantastic) and the freedom to use them in a way that works best for my kids. I don't do well with too much "inventing the wheel" by myself but I also don't like someone else having too much control over our school day.

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We had a great experience with Kolbe over the summer, they have excellent customer service and their teachers are great. They are a wonderful company to work with, and it looks very challenging.


I haven't worked with MODG in person, I just have their syllabi for a few subjects. I know some homeschoolers who used MODG all the way through. They had great results. It is the most "classical" of the three I would say.


I have no experience with Seton, but I'm not really drawn to traditional schooling, and they are the most traditional "catholic school at home" type approach of the three I would say. But it is still a solid education looking at their requirements.


I think all three are great choices, and are solidly Catholic. It really just depends on your goals and your own situation.

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I don't think any of them would be "too easy." Depending on his interests, any of them might bore him. Kolbe is definitely rigorous. I haven't looked too much at MODG's high school stuff. Seton is very much school-at-home with lots of workbooks. Kolbe is lots of reading.

Are you looking for help with transcripts and possibly online classes? (Kolbe)

Are you looking at something that will be very Catholic but includes a lot of structure & busy-ness? (Seton)

MODG and Kolbe will allow you to pick and choose some of what you want to use. 

I think all three will do transcripts for you if you are "fully enrolled" through high school, but I'm not sure.


They all take quite a bit of time if you do their "full" program. I know of several families who have done Kolbe or MODG all the way through high school. If you still want to be able to use some of your own stuff (like math) and you want them to handle the transcript, you may want to see which ones allow that.

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