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Physical Science for 9th grad

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Dive ICP. You can use the lectures on disc with many physical sci. texts, which tailors the course difficulty to your liking. The disc also has an online textbook incorporated, which you can use in place of a standard textbook.


I am on mobile and can't grab a link, but it should be easy to find via a web search or search here on the boards. HTH!

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if you're not completely wedded to the physical science idea, for our youngest two we have used grade 9 science as an intro to online classes.


i posted about sheri jackson's classes in the thread on .5 science credit.  if you are still looking, it might be worth a peak.




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Physical Science is essentially an intro to chemistry and an intro to physics put together. Sometimes intro to earth science is thrown into the mix. So I suppose you could use any introductory chemistry and physics courses, roughly one semester each and call it a year of high school physical science??? Just another option anyway.



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My dd used Derek Owens Physical Science course. I bought the DVD version and graded her homework, tests, and labs myself. It was a great intro to physics and chemistry. DD had no problem going into biology and feels confident about taking chemistry. The labs are very simple, straightforward, and fun. He is also very quick to answer questions if they arise.



Jennifer Brent

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