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Experience with Plan to Eat?


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I did a brief search but didn't come up with anything so thought I'd ask. What are your experiences with Plan to Eat? In my ever growing quest to make my life easier, I'm considering trying it but don't necessarily want to pay $$ or go to all the trouble of importing recipes if it's not helpful. Anyone? Thanks:)

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If you do a web search: site:forums.welltrainedmind.com "plan to eat" you'll find some threads.


Sounds like they typically have a 50% off sale around Thanksgiving. We signed up last year at that time and I have found it quite useful. It is a bit of a hassle to get your recipe list up to speed by entering recipes if they're on paper and not available on the internet. For recipes on the internet there's a little widget-y thing you can keep in your browser menu bar to click on when you want it to import a recipe.


Erica in OR

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