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Favorite Learning to Read Program, LLATL, AAR???

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1) I used the PALS reading program that my best friend, a reading specialist with the school system, gave me.  It is NOT the system from IEW; it is from Vanderbilt University.  It was so easy to use and for both of my girls.  Older dd and one of her friends  I babysat both learned quickly with this book at age 3.  Now little sister is zooming through the lessons.  I don't have a teacher's manual.


The child says the sound (NOT the letter) as you go through the pages.  At the star, you say, "Good Job!"  If the child makes a mistake on the sound, return to the last star.


2) Then we did Teach your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.  We covered up the pictures with a post-it a couple of days before getting to them so dd could answer the questions from the reading comprehension, and not from looking at the picture.


3) We used BOB books, or any other type of similar reader (that comes with some curriculum) for lots of practice.  I put a post-it in the back of every little book with:



3.Little sister



Every day, dd read to SOMEONE, and I crossed off a name once dd read to that person.  She could only read the book to one person/day. By the time she had read it 5X to 5 different people on 5 different days, she was competent with that vocabulary.  She earned 25c whenever she finished the 5 names.


The organization of this system draws on evidence that practice reading to non-criticizing beings (pets, younger children) helps with proficiency.  The pay draws on a study that showed that kids who were paid 25c for every book they read reap benefits of reading competency this year AND two years down the line.


4) Now we are using Saxon Phonics.

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