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Using Mathematical Reasoning Level G this year, what for next year?

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Already thinking about what I'm going to do for dd next year. She is LOVING MR Level G for this year (wish I had discovered this curriculum two years ago!), but they don't offer a level H, so I'm already trying to find options for next year. What she loves about MR is the fact that it is colorful like a "fun" workbook and doesn't overwhelm her with the number of problems per page. Also, for her, the spiralling aspect is good, because she likes to have those days where her math is easy (and I think she can use the reminders). Have tried MM (and while I  love it) but it didn't work for her. To plain and WAY too many problems on the page (even though I didn't make her do them all). I don't think Saxon math would work either, and afraid Singapore math would be impossible to understand at a 7th grade level when we haven't used it before. Any ideas greatly appreciated! Something workbook-y, colorful, and not too overwhelming looking.

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CTC does have a middle school geometry course intended for grades 7-9 -- so used after MR level G. This is apparently frequently used as a two-year course with algebra/arithmetic comprising the other half of the course.


Horizons could be another option -- they are also colorful workbooks which spiral. I would do the placement test here: https://www.aophomeschooling.com/resource/placement/horizons before you ordered anything.

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Ack, now I want this!!!  I need to ban myself from math threads for awhile.  :leaving:


I'll help you out, then.  We've decided to put this off until next year.  DS likes it fine, but it seems a bit advanced for where he is in Saxon.  And he is doing three other supplemental math programs, so I have no qualms about setting this one aside for now.  We'll do it next year instead.


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