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Dropped the ball on math this year....need advice how to fix the damage

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It's been a brutal year around here for various reasons and I wasn't keeping close enough tabs on DS's math (MUS epsilon.)  When he did the final exam he got 40%.  Even allowing for carelessness etc., it was clear when we went over the test that he had huge gaps in his understanding of fractions.  The idea of going back over the same. book. is so depressing, even though we have really loved MUS.  


I am considering purchasing Singapore 5, which seems to go over fractions as well as review concepts up to now.  I don't really want to spend the whole of this new year on it though....could i carry on with Zeta and do singapore in parallel?  What advice do you have?  I really want to make sure the foundation is solid, but as we are going into grade 7 i am mindful that he is getting behind too.




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You could also do Life of Fred Fractions. We did the corresponding Fred level after each MUS book for Fractions, Decimals, and one Pre-Algebra.


I think the camping in fractions or doing the two simultaneously is a personality choice for you. You CAN move forward into MUS Zeta. The question in my mind is would it be easier for him to work hard and long on one concept per day or easier for him to focus in two different directions and have two lessons per day. He is going to have to put in some work to catch up either way. Some kids would strongly prefer two shorter lessons on two different topics. Some would find that confusing and would be better served to do all fractions (even if you have to do it twice a day). You know your son best. 



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Welcome! I see from your post count you are new to WTM board! :)


I agree -- nail fractions before you move on to percents and decimals -- which, by the way, can be considered types of factions, And ratios are another type of fraction. So you absolutely want to understand how to work with fractions before moving on to what I think of as the "fraction cousins" of percents decimals, and ratios.


Failure to understand fractions thoroughly will also REALLY come back and bite you later on in Algebra 1.


Keys to… workbooks and portions of Singapore 4, 5, 6 worked very well as supplements to MUS for our math struggler during the years he was doing MUS Epsilon, Zeta, and Pre-Algebra.


The Keys to Fractions shows fractions from a variety of viewpoints, and works very gently, incrementally. The Decimal and Percent series are also really good.


Math Mammoth is similar in teaching style to Singapore, and it looks like from the previous poster that it might be cheaper and more contained to go with the single level of Math Mammoth that is all about fractions.


If you were going to use Singapore, it looks like you would need:

- Singapore 4A (US Edition) = 24 of 90 total pages on fractions

- Singapore 5A (US Edition) = 30 of 100 total pages on factions, PLUS, 8 pages on ratios

Singapore 4B and 5B are largely about decimals, and a little on percents -- no fractions. See the scope and sequence chart (pages 4-5 for fractions) for what Singapore 1-6 covers, and when.


If you are concerned about taking a detour from MUS:

We typically finished a level of MUS in less than a year -- and that was with a slower-moving math struggler. So starting your year with a "fraction-intensive" boot-camp for 6-10 weeks will probably not delay you too much for then moving on to MUS Zeta. You can always continue it into the summer if you need to -- which might not be a bad idea, to help keep math "fresh" by reducing the amount of time away from it over the summer.


BEST of luck, whatever you decide! :) Warmest regards, Lori D.


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