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I'm new to the Logic stage so I just had a question for those of you who are using WWS.  Do you do the Notebooking/Outlining/Timeline/Source Eval with your core subjects? Or just as directed by WWS for writing?  (Caveat-I've only glanced at WWS so far and it 'seems' like that is how it is set up.  My question may be moot if I'm wrong about that...)  Our core this year is US History.  Long story short, I got the My Father's World Adventures in US History before we knew we'd be adding a 7th grader to the family.  The materials are actually intended for 2-3rd graders who are the oldest students in the home.  I decided to go ahead as planned and just beef up my requirements for him.  I want to keep his academics on the lower demand side since we have a lot of adjusting to do anyway. 


Thanks for all suggestions and insight. 

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Under the circumstances you describe, I wouldn't do WWS plus other writing in history just at first.  I would start out just doing WWS, and then if it's going well, you could add additional history writing.  WWS should be doable for a 13 year old but I would give him and you a chance to adjust to that first before adding additional writing.

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We have used WWS 1 and are almost halfway through WWS 2.


It depends on how much writing you want to include in your days. We choose to do the writing assignments in WWS and also do writing in history and science.  Essay questions are the writing focus in those subjects right now, as opposed to outlining. Our days are sometimes filled with writing! If you are wanting to keep a lower demand with academics right now, I would choose one or the other. WWS or notebooking/outling in history and science. It truly depends on the student.



I like Rose's idea of starting with WWS and possibly adding more later.


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