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Hi everyone!  Joining you on the afterschool forum, as my DS 11 will be starting 6th grade next week at a private school. 


We went back and forth for *months* trying to decide whether to continue at home or move on.  We finally determined that since we knew he would be attending for high school, it made sense to get him involved now so that he would be used to the routine, make friends, join activities, etc. 


I'm glad to have the decision made... it's bittersweet, but feels good to be moving forward in our future direction. 


We're not going to do a ton of afterschooling at first... I want to give him time to adjust to his new schedule.  We will continue to do his programming/technology courses at home even from the beginning, and will probably add in a bit more later in the year. 


Good luck to everyone as you start the school year!!


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We've made the same decision this year, my dd9 has already started fourth grade. She just wanted to make some close school friends she'll see everyday. I think I'm more psyched about afterschooling because now we can focus on the fun and challenging stuff. 


OP: What programming/tech are you doing at home? That's one of the areas we'll be focusing on as well. I plan to use code.org and YouthDigital's 3D modeling course. I have various programming books for kids (and adults) at home, but those resources should be a nice start.

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Angela, we have a variety of things as well.  DS has completed the KidCoder Visual Basic (Windows Programming) course, and they're working on the TeenCoder Java course.  We also got him a Raspberry Pi and some related books to play with.  He also just completed a summer game design course taught locally in the community. 


I agree, it'll be nice to focus on the extras.  Academically we could have pulled off another couple years at home, but I will be glad to get him settled there. 

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