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Logic/Thinking skills for indep. Work? 2nd gr....

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My son is currently working through Primarily Logic. I can see this won't last very long as he's doing a page a day. Is there anything out there like this or of comparable quality? He did Lollipop Logic in K, and Mindbenders in 1st so I'm familiar with those, but that's about it. What else is good?

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We've enjoyed a lot of various logic workbooks from K-4, but the ones that we've been focusing on exclusively the past few years are Mindware Perplexors (grid-style puzzles), Math Perplexors, Analogy Challenges/Crosswords, Logic Links, and Venn Perplexors (venn diagrams). I think we're rotating through five different variations for variety this year by Mindware alone. Maybe she likes the way each workbook focuses on one skill each? 


For years K-2 we did a lot of Prufrock Press (like Primarily Logic). For some reason, my daughter didn't like the Critical Thinking Company books, but she eagerly devours the Mindware ones, particularly the grid puzzles of any kind and the venn diagrams for a change of pace.

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