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Do you take your child(ren) to the doctor if they've had prolonged cough/cold/fever?

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Let me preface this by saying that I am blessed with children who are nearly always healthy, and even when they are sick, they recover quickly. Usually I wouldn't give a thought to taking a child to the doctor just because he has a cold. But we seem to be stuck in this cycle of boys taking turns with fever and coughing and general stuffiness/ickiness. We've done our usual ~ drinking Emergen-C, echinacea (did I just spell that wrong?), and I even broke down and bought traditional cough syrup (Mucinex) which hasn't done a thing. I feel bad for the guys, but I have to admit I am also going BANANAS listening to the coughing and hacking. Is it worth it to do a doctor run, do you think? I can't imagine what help he could offer, but I'm desperate to get rid of this junk. Or can someone offer other ideas? Thanks!

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I have a generally healthy boy too, and don't take him to the doctor over every little fever/sniffle. I always figure he will be more likely to catch stuff there than be cured of what he has.


I have taken him more for terrible skin rashes, including poison ivy, than anything. Even then the doctor didn't do anything really. But he was just so miserable and I felt so sorry for him I just felt I had to DO something.


So, no answer....but I feel for you.

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I hate to suggest this but since you say it's being passed from son to son... have you done a thorough cleanse of the house? Not a normal clean but an open the windows, scrub the ceiling, walls & floors, get under furniture, behind books shelves, wash curtains, disinfect ALL the bed linens with bleach and hot water, etc and see if you can kill the germs being passed around. :eek: I'm not talking about a normal clean but rather disinfecting the house. Also, are you using a humidifier? Dry air can irritate the lungs.


I can't think of any foods to try other than chicken soup & garlic.


I hope your sons are well soon. :)

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My son was doing this recently. My daughter caught it from him and was doing it too.


No fever. Hacking cough. Both of them.


Decided to take them to the doctor because the home remedy stuff didn't seem to be helping.


He had a double ear infection. She had bronchitis.


I gave the dreaded antibiotics and they are both finally better.


They did originally just have a simple cold. Even though I had dealt with the colds properly, they had developed complications from the cold. I'm glad I went to the doctor.

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I have normally resilient kids, too, and generally, when a cold, etc., makes its rounds through our family, they're over it in a day or two.


But this last thing has just lingered and *ling.erd*.


I had them scheduled for a 'well' appointment (having to get acquainted with the new doc; we're switching, due to insurance), and just took the two little ones in, as well, since they're the ones still sick. It's been a week, almost, for the second youngest, and I thought that the littlest actually had it *again*, so I was worried about strep. (Quick test came back negative, though)


Now, just to give you an idea of what kind of 'healthy kids' I'm talking about, only one out of five has ever had an antibiotic, and the illness that caused that incident also had me in the emergency room, so it was an extreme thing. (About six and a half years ago).


But when the doc told me that one of the little ones had an ear infection, besides all this, I took the antibiotic he offered, just because I feel like the kid's immune system is kind of beleaguered right now, and somehow, somewhere, the cycle has to stop.


I guess I said all that to say that I sympathize, being a mom with really healthy kids that generally eschews doctor involvement for normal sniffles and coughs...but honestly, *I* need them to get well at this point, lol. I can't take much more of the sleeplessness (from the youngest guy being up at night, coughing, etc.), and when it stretches out longer than a week or two, that's when I say, bring in outside help.


I'm about to call again, just to see if they can prescribe something that might be more helpful than the OTC stuff I've tried, for the coughing. That might be one reason to take your kids in; even if it's nothing but a normal cold (no need for antibiotics), they might be able to prescribe something more dramatic for the coughing. (I just don't think that the OTC stuff is that helpful).


Sympathies, though. I'm right there, too.


(P.S. I was also more inclined to take them because they've had fever with this, too, and second the suggestion to get some moisture into the air, if you aren't already doing that. We have a cool mist humidifier going, but I've also just used a pot with water on the stove.)

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on Tuesday because he's had a prolonged cough. A month ago he had terrible croup that lasted 10 days and that lead into a continuous coughing, sneezing, runny nose with green stuff and green stuff in the eye that has been going on ever since. I finally took him in and the doc said..looks like a virus let's wait it out. <sigh> He hasn't been to the doctor in months so this was a rare occurrence.


My son's cough is obviously from his sinus area but I probably would have taken him in sooner if it was in his chest.


I hope your kids get better soon.

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I think I'm going to call the doctor. He's a good friend whose office is only a five minute drive away, so I may as well suck it up and go in. I feel kinda weird traipsing in there with three or four boys when we normally don't even do "well checks", but I'm at a limit with this coughing. Like Jill said, if nothing else, maybe he can prescribe something that will help in that vein. Thanks for your replies.

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...the 'flag thing' had to do with him taking down (or organizing the taking down) of some flags in his hometown, because he thought they represented a support of the war on terror.


I know folks generally equate conservatism or support of the war with being in the military (or with former military), but that's not always the case. (I know you know that, I'm just saying it...well, I guess to be saying it.) I *kind* of figured that you were remembering a conversation we'd had about the public viewing caskets of servicemen (I don't agree with it), and thought maybe I felt that way because of a conservative political leaning, but really...on that individual issue, it's a respect thing, more than anything else.


And just in case anyone else is reading this, and believes I'm saying I'm not conservative, or not supportive of the war, that's not it at all...I probably would be considered that way, on *certain issues*. Just like I'd be called liberal on others.


Gee, now I feel as if I'm going to a lot of trouble and doing a lot of talking just to avoid being labeled, lol! I guess it's that important to me, when it comes to politics. :o) (No bumper stickers on my car or anything of that nature, either, so it's not just here.)


Anyway, just wondering if I'd said something to propogate the idea that I leaned any particular way.


(By the way, I read your post about not registering with any one political party with interest. I go back and forth about whether or not I agree with the wisdom of closed party primaries. On the one hand, I don't like the idea of people not being able to vote, simply because they don't fit nicely into any one party, but on the other, I can understand the possibility of cross-party voting for the purpose of bulldozing the opposition's stronger candidate, which is why I believe they instituted closed party primaries. Okay, this should have probably been a new post of its own, lol...but hey, since we were already talking politics...)

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I don't usually take my kids to the doctor for colds and such, but this week I'm glad I did. They all have been sick off and on with slightly different symptoms. The 1 year old spiked a fever on Monday night and on tuesday had a long period of time with almost non stop coughing. I took him in and found out he has a double ear infection and a touch of pneumonia. We are now doing antibiotics and breathing treatments.


The other two I also took this week. My oldest son woke up crying from pain in his ear the day after finding out the baby has pneumonia. I went ahead and had dd checked as well for her cough. It turns out ds has a bad middle ear infection and a touch of bronchitis, and dd has tonsillitis. All are still coughing, but I'm hoping they are all on the mend.


So this time I'm glad we decided to see the docs since all of them turned out to have infections.

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