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XPOST Looking for advice-Lial's Basic College Math-HELP

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ok after reading tons of posts, I think I have decided to use Lial Basic College Math for my 12 year old sons.  One has finished Zeta in Math u See, and the other finished Abeka book 6.  I think they are both very smart and catch on quickly-I would like them in the same book now that they are entering the harder math.  i am comfortable teaching math up to Pre-Calc.


I want to make sure there are no holes before we head into Algebra 1, and from what I understand using Lial Basic College Math will prepare them for Algebra 1 the following year.  Please correct me if I am wrong about this!!!!!!!!


What I need to know is which edition to buy???  There are so many different editions that I am overwhelmed when I look!

Could someone please give me either the edition number or better yet, an ISBN number for the best overall edition!


Thanks so much, this board is a life saver!!



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I am not very familiar with Abeka or MUS, but I did use Lial's, and I want to caution you that many algebra programs assume the student is knowledgeable about topics that are not covered in BCM. We used both BCM, mostly as a review, and to solidify some concepts, but also added on a dedicated pre-algebra program. For that we also used Lial's-the pre-algebra textbook. If you search around for "pre-algebra syllabus" you can get an idea of the topics that are typically considered pre-algebra. Here is one:





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Lial's BCM will have you ready for Lial's Introductory Algebra (or any other Algebra I've encountered unless maybe it is AoPS). You could add a few chapters from the back of Lial's Pre-Algebra if you have time at the end of the year, but it shouldn't be an issue.

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I was trying to make this same decision earlier in the summer.  I spoke with a math teacher who uses the Lials series, and she said that she would not recommend BCM to Algebra sequence.  Instead, she recommends Lials Pre-Algebra before Algebra I.  My son finished up MM6 this year, and I have an older daughter who completed Lials Algebra I.  Looking at Lials Pre-Algebra, it seems to be a good bridge for my son between MM6 and Algebra I.

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BCM covers all the basic arithmetic one needs to be successful in higher maths. It is a prealg course on its own. Many have gone straight to alg from this book.


Prealg by the same author is more of an honors prealgebra. It also covers all the basic arithmetic one needs, but practices those skills with variables and negatives from the beginning of the book.


Students who struggled with BCM may want to go through her prealg book too. Strong math students could skip BCM and just use prealg.

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