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Switching from Singapore to Saxon...when?

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When is a good time to switch from Singapore Math to Saxon math?  Would 54 be the time to do it? A later book? I guess what I am asking is at what level would the transition be  easiest? Also, about what Singapore level  would be the precursor? Obviously I will be giving him the placement test, but I am curious about what book for planning purposes. Thanks!

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These two books - Singapore and Saxon - are totally different in style and technique.  So, why are you switching?  Maybe that would help people to be able to give a suggestion to you? Personally, I do not think that it is possible to have an easy transition from Singapore to Saxon.

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Keeping in my that I have no personal experience... here is the sequence that My Father's World recommends.  It looks sensible.  :p


Sequence of Courses:

A 7th grader who has completed Singapore Level 5B or higher should begin Saxon Math at level 8/7.

All other 7th - 12th graders who are new to Saxon Math should take the Saxon Placement Test and begin where placed.

If your child is in 8th grade or above and hasn't been using Saxon Math, he should take the Saxon Placement Test and begin where placed. (Any 7th or 8th graders who test below 8/7 may call our office for recommendations.)

After completing Saxon level 8/7, students with test scores consistently at 80% or more may skip Algebra 1/2 and go directly into Algebra I.

After completing Saxon Algebra I, students are strongly encouraged to study a full year of geometry usingGeometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding by Harold Jacobs (not published by Saxon).

After Jacobs Geometry, students return to the Saxon Math sequence with Algebra II, Advanced Math, and possibly Calculus.


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With ds #2, went from 6a to Saxon 1/2 only because ds really needed review of stuff he had forgotten in Singapore 5. With ds #3, we stopped at 2b (?) went straight to Saxon 5/4. I did this because ds was already forgetting previous "mastered" concepts and really needed a spiral review. I love Singapore but really wish it had a better review spiraled into the book. It caused me to not even consider it for my dd.

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