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A Family of Poems: My Favorite Poetry for Children compiled by Caroline Kennedy.


When my daughter was younger we would read from this book almost every morning. The poems are wonderful and the illustrations by Jon Muth are charming and beautiful. She still remembers many of the poems by heart.

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For your youngest in your sig or your 9yo ...  varies depending on age.  In general, I do like the "Poetry for Young People" series.  Target age depends on the poet for the most part. 


Toddler and up in our house seem to like Eric Carle's Animals Animals.  A decent one is 20th Century Children's Poetry TreasuryA Child's Introduction to Poetry is good because it comes with a CD for those moms who don't enjoy poetry as much (i.e. me ... )

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My children read a lot of poetry on their own, and their favorite books seem to be


Talking Like the Rain (compilation)


A Poke in the I (concrete poems)


If Not For the Cat (haiku)


And any Shel Silverstein books.


There are some nicely illustrated Emily Dickinson poetry books for young people too. I do love those.


There are so many wonderful poetry books out there. I'm sure you'll find some wonderful options.

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Just for fun -- i.e., not classic / traditional poems, but greatly enjoyed by our DSs:

- Antarctica Antics: A Book of Penguin Poems (Sierra)

- The Dragons Are Singing Tonight (Prelutsky)

- Opposites (Wilbur)

- A Poke in the I (Janeczko)

- Poetry for Young People: Lewis Carroll -- Carroll's out-of-the-box poetry topics and "nonce" words a big favorite here

- Poetry Speaks to Children (ed.: Paschen)

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Hailstones and Halibut Bones


Dark Emperor


beast feast


Eric Carle's Animals Animals


For Laughing Out Loud


Science Verses


The Seashell Anthology


Childcraft's book of Poems and Nursery Rhymes (there are probably better illustrated books but I like the international mix of children's poetry)

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