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After schooling 9th grade, HELP!

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DD14 is determined to go to PS for a SOCIAL Butterfly LIFE!  She wanted to go to another county but that simply was not an option.

There are no Private schools anywhere near us.


This is upsetting to me to say the least.  


I planned on hs all the way if we could through 12th grade. 


Anyway, if she does go, I need a plan.


I already have Latin, Math, English, and Writing for her.  She wants to join ROTC.  


I know that I have read that most PS do not mind after schooling.


I don't want to put too much on her so I am wondering how to even figure out how to after school her.


Reading the website for the local PS is not helping me either.  I did email the Principal to ask how to get her tested.


I know I want her to read some Classics, keep up in Math, and Writing.  I want her to learn more Latin since she has not retained much and had a couple of years of not being interested.  


I am thinking I will see if she wants to take another Foreign Language.


Also, I am wondering if I should get her signed up for Study Hall if it is offered in 9th grade to give her quiet time to read or work on math.


Any advice is welcome!

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I would think that you would first need to find out what classes she'll be taking in school and take it from there.  Perhaps she could take both language and the second language at the school and you could reinforce what you feel is missing from the curricula they are using.

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I am coping...and this forum is such a blessing... I am hoping to be supportive of her in the good and bad times. 


She starts tomorrow and is signing up for :


Visual Art

Algebra 1


Spanish 1

English 9

World History/Geography

Integrated Science 301




This week has flown by: and I am overwhelmed at all of the paperwork I had to fill out!  


So far I have had to help her with her Algebra and English  homework and fill out tons of papers to turn in.   

Since she is taking Spanish, I am just going to see what English vocabulary she has to learn and then decide if Latin or Greek
& Latin vocab will be covered after school.  

History is going ok.  I am glad her History and Science teachers are Christians. 

She only has 2 books to buy for English class and some art supplies throughout the year.  

She also needs running shoes and more clothes for PT ( ROTC)

I am going to assign her some reading for History and if she has no homework assign Math lessons daily along with a few literature selections from WTM.


One important thing I had forgotten was how hungry teens are after school! : so I need to plan some healthy snacks for that time of day which is very close to supper.







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