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planner to track standards (ie Common Core) for reporting

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Okay.  Our charter school gives me money to spend on curricula each year (hurrah!) and is becoming Common Core aligned (ick -- this is apparently much more annoying on my end than whatever the previous standards were).  I am not complaining; our contact teacher is really lovely and would let me wing it at our monthly meetings, but I really really prefer to be prepared and not winging it. 


Does anyone have ideas about what would be a good planner -- paper, online, computer, whatever -- to let me enter the assignments and their Putative Common Core Alignments ahead of time?  In some way that's easy to produce a report that is easy to read?  I did this by hand in the past, so a paper planner that's easy to data-enter from would suit fine.


thanks in advance!  and our computer constraint is the Mac OS/iPad: I have a Mac laptop, and can use an iPad.  Windows is too annoying to run on my virtual machine. 

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well, I bet Homeschool Tracker has a way to do this (folks find it so complete) but am not sure. 


It looks like that within OLLY, a Mac/iPad-based planner, you can add benchmarks to courses and check them off as complete.  I don't know if you can tie the benchmarks to specific assignments so they automatically show as met when the assignment is done ... I hope to check that out later this AM ...


ETA: looks like OLLY doesn't let you tie benchmarks to assignments.

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