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Need Help Figuring Out How to "Do It All" - 6th grade

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Okay, I consider myself an eclectic homeschooler with a classical bent, but this year almost every piece of curricula I've chosen is CE. My problem is that it looks like SO much - how do you get it all done each day without burning yourself and the kids out? Do I have too much planned? If so, what would you let go of?


Here's my 6th grade list:

Writing: WWS1; Creative Writer 1; 5 Minute Daily Writing Practice (when in car or something)

Spelling/Vocab: Word Roots Beginning

Grammar: Analytical Grammar (1/3-1/2 book - DD is talking about wanting to go to public school in 8th grade, want this done by then!)

Math: MM6, and some number sense books, math puzzle books, Danica McKellar math books (Math Doesn't Suck, Kiss my Math)

Logic: Building Thinking Skills 2

Social Studies: What Your 6th Grader Needs to Know (great stories, poetry, history, etc.)

Geography: Mapping the World with Art

Reading: Various books (Witch of Blackbird Pond, The Hobbit, Hero and the Crown, Huck Finn or Tom Sawyer, etc.)

Science: She has science on Wed at the public alternative school we go to (only has class on Weds.), but will also do an Electricity Unit and Anatomy

Art: Drawing from Right Side of Brain workbook and self-directed (fashion design, crafts, etc.)


Whew! That seems like a ton, but can't see getting rid of any of it. Writing, Spelling, Grammar, and Math need to be done daily and with Wednesdays away at school, I just don't see how to do anything else, but I really want to. HELP! Thanks!


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I think this list looks fine (maybe lighten up the writing a tad?); how long is she at class on Wednesdays? My DS rising 6th grader has a similar line up, with the addition of language studies. He has a voice lesson on Tuesday afternoons and an every other week meeting of our homeschool group.

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