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Do you want to see more pictures of BookShark 4?


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Enjoyed reading your blog! Your dd's year and my dd's year are going to look very similar! We started Sonlight Core E a few weeks ago and are loving it! We had used SL before but not in the past couple of years. My dd adores reading, my reading to her, talking about books, etc. She is now certain that we should use SL through 12th grade. :) I'm not certain about that, but I'm pretty sure I want to use Core F, at least. She is in fifth grade this year.


We also bought SL Science E and are in week one. It looks great too.


She is using Teaching Textbooks 6 and loves it.


I feel like we are finally finding (or coming back to) the things that really work for us! We also just started Mosdos Lit Coral and it seems like that will be a great fit too.


I need to look over the SL Lang. Arts and see if I want to use any of it. I have other things I want to use, but I might pick out a few assignments for some variety.


Here's to a great year in fifth grade!!





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Thanks everyone for your nice comments.  I just recently made my blog public.  There's not much there and I was kind of nervous letting others even see it...cuz it's really not all that great... :blush:  I guess it is what it is... :lol:


Tempting with the way you photo blogged about it, almost like I opened it myself....almost. :D

If there were more math options, I could be persuaded to open up my wallet.


I wondered about this too.  I don't see why they don't make an option to not choose the math.  I would definitely e-mail them and ask them about that. 

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