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What is acceptable for teenage DD to wear for Sunday morning church?

How should teens dress for Sunday morning church  

  1. 1. How should teens dress for Sunday morning church

    • Dressy dress, panty hose, dress shoes
    • Nice dress and sandals
    • Casual dress and Keds or Converse sneakers
    • Nice pants and nice top with nice shoes
    • Casual skirt and t-shirt with sneakers or sandals
    • Jeans and a nice shirt - whatever shoes
    • Capris and a nice shirt or t-shirt with sandals or sneakers
    • Casual pants and a nice shirts with sandals or sneakers
    • It does not matter as long as they are at church
    • Other

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We are on the jeans/nice shirt spectrum, and I have a no flip flop rule for my kids -that has partly to do with the running romping in the church yard after church and a general "flip flops are for the lake - park - not shopping or in general, not for leaving the house" mindset.


But I want my children to dress in a way that is modest and noble - not to draw attention to themselves, or their body parts. So slogans are out (on most body parts) and modesty is the factor.


Lisaj, who usually wears jeans and a nice blouse or shirt

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my first choice is dresses (I picked the one NOT with hose, just because I don't think anyone should ever have to wear hose!!:tongue_smilie:)


I would go for some nice, dressy pants & tops too, but I really don't like seeing kids in typical streetwear in church. I'm just old-fashioned in that way I guess.

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I know God doesn't care. I know that. However, I've watched skirts get shorter and shorts get shorter. I believe God DOES care about that.


I voted "nice dress and sandals". She would look nice, but still be comfortable. It is absolutely acceptable to have a dress code. Many, many areas of our lives have a dress code. What's wrong with having one for church? Not a written one, of course, but an expected one.


DS stopped wearing shorts to church when he was about 7 years old. DD has always worn dresses on Sunday morning. We do allow more casual wear for Sunday and Wednesday nights, but not shorts. DH feels that he is being relaxed because he's not expecting DS to wear a suit! LOL


This bothers me in other areas, too. I had a high school graduation tea for my niece. One girl came in a dress. Everyone else (including my niece) was incredibly casual (shorts and t-shirts, even!). We put a lot of time and effort into this event. I wish the girls had put the same effort into their choice of clothing.

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All of the specific options you mentioned are okay with me, but I attend a casual church. While I would prefer teens to be dressed a little more nicely than just t-shirt and shorts, I think having them there is more important than what they wear. However, I don't think it's appropriate if they are wearing skimpy or revealing clothing or if their clothing has rude comments printed on it, as those types of clothing are a distraction to others who are trying to worship. Along that line, however, if the modest and polite clothing your dd wears is a distraction to others in your church because people there dress more formally, I think it would be considerate of her to wear something else so that people aren't distracted by it. If it doesn't seem to bother anyone but you, I'd try to let it go.

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I voted for these three, but I think it's up to the individual family and teen. If teen walks around with short shorts, raggedy shirts and flip-flops all the time, it's a great improvement that she wear capri pants with a nicer shirt.


These are my ideals, who knows what dd will be like. So far it looks like she likes nice clothes :) :


Nice dress and sandals

Nice pants and nice top with nice shoes

Jeans and a nice shirt - whatever shoes

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I have not read all the replies. However, I could not vote in your poll. The requirements I have (in regards to clothing) for my children for our weekly house church fellowship meeting are:


You must be dressed modestly. This is not just for meeting, but all the time. If you do not know if something is modest, come ask me or dad. If Dad or I think your clothes are immodest, you will change, and probably not be wearing that particular item again (depending on the specifics).


No clothing with words on them. I personally feel that is distracting for the situation. We do allow some clothing with words for general use, as long as we feel that the content/placing of the words is appropriate. For example, a 'Vote for Pedro' t-shirt would be allowed at times other than for fellowship, while a pair of sweat pants with words on the 'behind' area would not ever be allowed.


You may not wear pajamas. This has not actually been tested by any of our children, however my younger sister (19) lives with us. While we do not have 'rules' for her, she would be generally respectful enough to my dh and I to not set what we would see as a 'bad example' for our children. And pajamas are defined as 'anything that other people could easily assume you bought/made/received as a gift/otherwise acquired, with the main purpose of sleeping in'. Yes, we had to define it. :glare:


Basically, these all loosely fall under 'dress modestly' to me, however our children needed some more specific details.

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Can't answer the poll. It *doesn't* matter, IMO, what clothing is worn as long as it is modest--but that caveat wasn't included. Jeans OR dress pants can be inappropriate at church, especially if the top worn with it isn't long enough and buttkins or belly are showing. lol I don't want to see anyone's stomach at church and I'd prefer (in our climate) that there are sleeves on most tops. I care much less about nice pants, skirts or someone's "Sunday Best" if I can also see cleavage.

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I voted other, because the way I view modesty is not standing out. So, if the culture at your church is not to wear dresses on Sunday morning, then I would allow that flexibility. I would wear what is predominant and excepted by the people in authority there. This is coming from a pretty conservative person too.

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I will admit to being rather old-fashioned;)when it comes to what teens should wear to church. DD wants to wear jeans to church on Sunday mornings - she says "God doesn't care what I wear." And while I agree that God doesn't care what we wear, I was taught growing up that we dressed in our "Sunday best" out of respect for God and our church....to signify the importance of Sunday worship.



I understand this thinking, but I can also see how our "Sunday Best" can easily lead us to be more concerned about our outward appearance than the condition of our hearts ;)


My dress ranges from jeans and even skorts in the summer to my "Sunday Best" for special services. I voted "other" because I can't quite say it doesn't matter what they wear. For my children, clean, reasonably modest, and well groomed would be my standards.

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