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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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my day.

 4 loads of laundry

 change sheets on my bed

 vacuum whole house

 clean all bathrooms

mop all floors

sweep pavers beside house

make apple crumble

do 1 hour of gardening

 spend most of afternoon working on lesson plans for next week (school placement internship)

cook roast pork for dinner.

 write up lesson plans on planboard this evening

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We pick up the boys from camp this morning! Cannot wait to see them. I expect them to be very tired ( and happy, I hope) and for me to have a day full of doing their laundry;)

I did get some school planning accomplished this week as well as fun things with dh. We took a daytrip to Annapolis, went out to dinner with friends and played mini-golf last night.  Oh, and watched Les Mis;) Now, it's back to reality.


Pick up boys


Some school planning

Dinner: Grilled Pork Tenderloin, grilled corn on cob and lemony potato salad (directly from this month's Southern Living)

Now it just needs to stop raining :glare:


:grouphug: Jean :grouphug: Praying

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Good Morning  :D


Jean  :grouphug:  and prayers for your Dad.


This morning were heading out to have our car serviced, have lunch at our favorite restaurant and look at houses.   We love this area and there's so much to do.  


Have a great day everyone! 


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Good morning!


Swim meet continues. Dh, ds1 and dd2 head out in a few minutes. I have the first volunteer shift this morning at the summer league meet. Then home to take ds3 to his session. 

Then stay to bring home after finals. Looking at a 15 hour day minimum.


At least yesterday they were fast!


Have a great day, everyone!

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Praying, Jean!! 



Good morning, all!  I dropped dd off this morning for her college orientation. Her dual enrollment classes start in 3 weeks. 


My in-laws have been here since Thursday, so we are enjoying them.


Dd's play opened last night, and we are all going to see it tonight. I'm not a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland, but it should be fun seeing dd in 2 different roles during the same thing. She's the Cheshire Cat and the White Queen.


Not much else today other than meals and visiting with family. We might play some games later. 




I like days without much of an agenda!



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Hugs and prayers to you Jean.


Morning all! I asked for an entire date day with my dh for my birthday and today my wish has been granted! After he's done work at 1:30 we'll be dropping the kids off at my Mil's house and doing whatever I want. We both have gift cards to spend at Target and Barnes and Noble so that's on the list. I want to eat crab for my birthday dinner. Other than that I don't know. But before all that...


-acrobatics for ds

-dd kung fu

- ds kung fu

-feed kids lunch

- get them to mil

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Take boys to karate

Attend homeschool convention


I wasn't going to go to the convention since I have everything I need and have a tiny baby, but it's the first year and turnout has been low apparently so they're begging people to come out so vendors will come back next year. They're opening the vendor hall for free so we are going to it.

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Praying for you and your dad, Jean!


Farmer's market and grocery

housework - laundry, meal prep, clean bathrooms

weeding and watering in my garden

Sunday clothes ready for kids

tagging items for consignment sale


reading Climbing Parnassus - need to finish b/c it is due this week and I can't renew it.

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:grouphug: Jean :grouphug:


Well, yesterday sort of fizzled out for me---I didn't accomplish much after mid-afternoon. No biggie; it's summer :D



--pick up dd from her sleepover

--finish planning ancient history

--exercise (I have a blister high up on my heel due to a sick being wonky the other day :()

--freeze blueberries

--write those Elementary Science Olympiad rules (left from yesterday)

--a smidge of paperwork


I'd love to make blueberry jam today, but dh has taken over the entire kitchen to brew two batches of beer today with ds (he's here for the weekend :) ). I'll probably jam tomorrow.


I'm sure I have many other things to do so I may add to the list later as I think about the day. Right now I have four books open in front of me, so I must return to ancient China!

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It's rainy...

- dishes- done

- laundry- master sheets in dryer

- tidy house- good enough

- clean bathroom- done

- change bedding in both rooms- master bed done, dd1 has decided she doesn't want hers changed

- read/crochet/Pintresf/math/nurse research (hope to do at least 2 of these)

- dinner- eaten

- bedtime routine

- probably some deep cleaning/decluttering as well- cleaned the microwave, fridge and trash can, decluttered bathroom cabinets

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Thanks for all the prayers.  No one has called me since yesterday to tell me that he was admitted to the hospital so I figure that's good news of a sort.  I'm really busy with the kids this morning so I haven't tried to call.


human care done

pet care done

Tried to take dd to her 5k training but the whole area was roped off for a festival/parade.  I talked to a police officer and one of the event organizer (just from my car window) and no one could figure out how to get us to the park we meet at.  So after driving around and around we abandoned the quest.

Dropped dd off at her volunteering gig.

Ran the dishwasher.

Figured out the directions to get dd to her party.

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Is it 4:30 already?


Done So Far:

A box sorted through

Some stuff brought downstairs

Library to return books

Thrift store and 5 more stores looking for birthday gifts

Two batches of grape jam made and canned


I'm now sitting in the living room because I'm hot and tired from the canning. I think I'll have someone else figure out dinner while I read my latest book (Alas, Babylon) and drink some water. I need to do a bit more straightening up and more sorting through boxes.

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